Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Fun!

Today our family decided to talk me into going public skating. I think the last time I skated was about 3 years ago, if not longer. Let's just say it's not like riding a bicycle, you don't just get on the ice and pick up where you left off!!! Eventually I got the hang of it and had a really really good time....can't wait to do it again.
Max was an amazing little skater. He didn't want to hold anyones hand or skate with anyone for that matter. He just wanted to do it all by himself.
Sarah was more cautious like her Mother but still had a great time.
Quentin was great on his skates.....we just need to get him some that don't hurt his feet!!

It was a fun way to get some exercise and spend the day with just the 4 of us!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

On-line Crop Goodness!

This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in an online crop at . The design team put out challenges for us to do and these are the layouts I came up with. It was so much fun and it was a great way to get a few layouts done!!
Thank you Alissa and your team for inspiring me!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Layouts

This is my sweet Sarah-boo on her birthday!

Max and his buddy Luca!

This is a picture of my parents on their Wedding day....I believe in 1973?? They look so young and my mama looks so beautiful!

Here is Mommy's hockey boy!

This is a layout of Sarah and her grade 2 teacher Mrs. Rudat. This was to celebrate Sarah getting student of the month!

These pics are from Owen's birthday party 2 years ago. He was not impressed with us when this pic was taken. He was having one of those "its my party and I'll pout if I want to" moments that all kids have! ( I still think he looks adorable)

I took these photos of Sarah and her friend Maddy this summer when they were playing Polly pockets in the backyard. Aren't they the prettiest little girls?

More Summer fun!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun day!

How can you not have a fabulous day when you are surrounded by two of the most AMAZING 4 year olds!!
Today Max's bestfriend Luca got to come over and spend the day with us. They played upstairs, downstairs, outside, at the park....,EVERYWHERE!!!
It was a great day. First thing they did this morning was take off their shirts because apparently thats what cool boys do when they "hang out". One of the funniest moments was when Max came to tell me Luca needed me to wipe his bum. I said, "I don't wipe 4 year old bums". So Max took it upon himself to teach Luca how to was the funniest thing I have ever overheard!! "ok just take the paper, ball it up...and WIPE"
We can't wait until Luca's sitter needs another day off!
I hope everyone else had a Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Dress!!

Ok, here it is new dress. Quentin and I had the opportunity to attend the Elves Society Masquerade Ball and I needed to buy a new dress. I couldn't find anyone to come with me so I went shopping myself. I even tried to text my friend Lynnelle pics of me in the dressing room I was so desperate for an opinion. In the end, I decided on this purple dress because I fell in love with the color.....and it hides my stomach!! It is the most comfortable dress EVER!! I was feeling pretty great in it until I got up from my chair at the event and practically ran into a lady wearing the EXACT same dress!! Yup, thats right, I almost fell hilarious!!
I'm not big on posting pics of myself but I promised a few of you that I would put it on my blog for you to see.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Student of the Month!!

This is what her teacher wrote about Sarah.
Sarah is a concientious, hardworking student who is always attentive and focused in class. Sarah brings many interesting ideas to class and makes all of us use our higher order thinking skills. She consistently puts forth her best effort and strives for excellence on her daily work, and on tests. Sarah is a caring, kind, and cooperative young lady. Her cheerful attitude makes her a well-liked member of our class.

Congratulations Sarah!

Happy Halloween

and Happy 7th Birthday to my baby girl....Sarah Boo Frances Gardiner!

nothing better than Halloween Jammies!

Annikan Skywalker

My Monarch Butterfly

I don't know what Carter is saying to Sarah but I thought this was the cutest picture ever!! She just looks so happy.

My Halloween girl!

Yes, that's right....I made the cupcakes!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Layouts

On Friday night and Saturday, I was invited by a wonderful and crazy group of ladies to join them for some laughter and scrapbooking at Pigeon Lake. I had such a great time and I managed to finish a whole pile of layouts! We shared some great stories, ate yummy food and laughed alot! Thanks again for inviting me Kim, Pam, Heather, Andrea & ladies know how to have a good time!!!! Can't wait to do it again.

Our new floor!

I found a fabulous deal on Bamboo flooring at IKEA so we decided to go for it and get rid of our disgusting beige carpet in the front room. I LOVE IT!! (not bad for $1/sq foot)


Here are some layouts I completed a while back and just haven't had time to post!
The first one is Sarah and her new hair!

Next is my smiley boy on Summer holidays.

This is Sarah, Max and their bestfriends Carter and Luca on Summer vacation.

I actually scrapbooked MYSELF!!!!

My beautiful girl posing on Summer holidays.