Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Layouts

On Friday night and Saturday, I was invited by a wonderful and crazy group of ladies to join them for some laughter and scrapbooking at Pigeon Lake. I had such a great time and I managed to finish a whole pile of layouts! We shared some great stories, ate yummy food and laughed alot! Thanks again for inviting me Kim, Pam, Heather, Andrea & ladies know how to have a good time!!!! Can't wait to do it again.

Our new floor!

I found a fabulous deal on Bamboo flooring at IKEA so we decided to go for it and get rid of our disgusting beige carpet in the front room. I LOVE IT!! (not bad for $1/sq foot)


Here are some layouts I completed a while back and just haven't had time to post!
The first one is Sarah and her new hair!

Next is my smiley boy on Summer holidays.

This is Sarah, Max and their bestfriends Carter and Luca on Summer vacation.

I actually scrapbooked MYSELF!!!!

My beautiful girl posing on Summer holidays.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm officially a hockey Mom!!

This had to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. Twenty seven of the cutest little hockey players falling all over the place and trying their best to learn how to skate and shoot the puck.
My little man was #55. He did great until his elbow pads started to bother him and then he just wanted to get off the ice. I did some great parenting and bribed him with a club penguin toy to get him to stay on the ice for the last 10 minutes....and it worked!!
Can't wait until next week to do it all over again!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My beautiful Niece

BEST part of the entire weekend in Portage.......getting to see my niece Claire almost everyday!

She is so funny like her dad and so sweet..(like her auntie, hehe)

We laughed so hard when she asked to wear Tara's high heeled boots because she put them on and she could walk better in them than Tara!!

I couldn't resist taking these pics....I miss her already!

My trip back home

The wonderful host and hostess
Cheers Tara!

My Uncle Blaine and I at the social.

The gals havin a good time!

Mom, J and I now where I get the red cheeks from!

Forever friends.

I just got back from a quick trip to Portage. My family was putting on a social for my Uncle Blaine who has cancer to help out with all the costs associated with care. I stayed with my brother and his girlfriend Tara who were fabulous hosts! We visited, we relaxed, we drank, we laughed and we ate an entire bowl of haystack cookies ( i helped quite a bit)!!!!

My frends Robyn and Tammy who I haven't seen in soooo long came out to the social and it was really great to catch up. Robyn has the best stories.....the one about the farmhand makes me giggle!! And Tammy...seriously Tam can you be any cuter??

Happy Thursday everyone.