Sunday, February 28, 2010

Proud to be Canadian

These Olympics have been absolutely amazing!! I'm not sure if its because they were in Canada or the fact that all the events have been on prime time TV but all I know is that I have never before felt so much Canadian pride.
The snowboarders were so strong and crazy....the figure skaters were so graceful and touching....the speed skaters were so athletic and exciting to watch....the hockey players just plain rocked!!...the luge and bobsledders were brave...the curlers were amazingly talented and the skiers were crazy but fun to watch.
I found myself stuck to the TV on many occasions holding my breath in anticipation of a medal.

I am truly proud to be Canadian!!!

On a side note, I have an Aunt that is in Kandahar right now for 6 months working at the Tim Hortons and I was so proud and emotional when they went live during the singing of O'Canaa to Kandahar base and there she the front row singing her heart out!!
I will post the link, she is in the middle wearing a white Canadian Roots tshirt.

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